Jackie Potter: CBD Expert

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Are you curious about CBD? Are you searching for a certified CBD expert to give a presentation to your group? Whether you have questions about CBD products or would like to book a speaking engagement, contact Jackie Potter - founder and CBD Coach of JPotter Health based in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

There are no questions too small or too big fro the CBD expertise of JPotter Health. With CBD products being the fastest growing sector within the cannabis industry - one that remains largely unregulated (other than regulations applying to cannabis dispensaries), responsible consumers have questions.

Are you committed to benefiting from CBD products and you want Coach Jackie's help sampling and choosing the right CBD product for you? Schedule a free consultation to review JPotter Health CBD Coaching packages and discuss your unique situation. To get a 30 minute consultation on Jackie's calendar use the calendar integration on this page.

Not sure if you're ready to try CBD products but you have some questions? Start a conversation by using the contact us form below and we'll see how we can help.