Can CBD help me sleep

What is Happening When We Sleep?

Sleep. Our body knows how to sleep, quite literally it was made to sleep. While a person sleeps the body typically goes through several  cycles that last on average 90 minutes alternating between rem and nrem sleep. A good night of sleep is where one regenerates  both mind and body.  Light sleep is not only the start of sleep but this stage promotes mental and physical recovery. Deep sleep imprints the memories of the day. REM sleep plays a role in mood regulation, and learning as your brain processes the information of the day for long term storage.

Why Can’t We Sleep?

Insomnia whether onset, falling asleep or waking and unable to complete a restful night is detrimental to our physical and mental health. There is array of reasons sleep can evade us. At JPotter Health we look at all of them. Are you lying awake tossing and turning while running the list of tomorrow’s to do? Rehashing upsetting events of the day?   I don’t know why I can’t fall asleep I am just too tired to think about it? Or the other part of insomnia, I fall asleep just fine, but then I wake up at 2 am wide awake and I lie there hoping to sleep before the alarm wakes me. I spend the day so tired only to repeat the same process. JPotter Health has heard all kinds of sleep problems. When we don’t sleep, we feel anxious, achy, mentally foggy and it becomes hard to enjoy the life we have made.

Will CBD and Cannabinoids Help me Sleep?

The research currently being conducted using cannabinoids to help sleep shows promise. One study recently was published July 2020, it looked at the connection of Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoids and Sleep by Andrew Kesner and David Lovinger. They were looking at the hypnotic effects of phytocannabinoids as sleep aids. While this paper concentrated its research to the effects of THC; CBD is also a cannabinoid that is useful in sleep. “There were potential benefits of acute cannabinoids for sleep improvement” (Frontiers in molecular Neuroscience Published 22 July 2020).

Why Go it Alone? Let an Expert Help!

When you have a consultation with our CBD coach we look at all the reasons you are not sleeping and start to tackle them together. While we don’t guarantee a quick fix won’t stop trying to help you find relief.

Want to know more about CBD, our process, and what we have done to help others, schedule a complementary 30 min appointment to learn more.

I am Exhausted…Can CBD Help Me Sleep?