Within the last week the FDA updated the page on their website devoted to disclosing “warning letters to firms that market unapproved new drugs that allegedly contain cannabidiol (CBD).” See the page Warning Letters and Test Results for Cannabidiol-Related Products on the FDA website for details.

At JPotter Health not only do we stay up-to-date on this page and other news alerts to be the most informed CBD coach for our clients but we would never consider recommending a CBD product without carefully reviewing 3rd party lab results. Read more in our post “The Importance of a Lab Report When Choosing a CBD Product.

FDA Warning Letters

Many of these warning letters are for violation of the rules regulating that CBD manufacturers can not market CBD as a drug or make claims to the health benefits of their CBD products. In the case of Natures Pure CBD FDA letter, for example, the FDA sites several violations including:

Claiming Benefits for Opiate Dependency:

“Natures Pure CBD has had success in alleviating severe withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate dependency. Natures Pure CBD also has taken off the ball and chain around the opiate addicts’ neck and has relieved the addiction totally by using Natures Pure CBD restoring the person back to a quality of life worth living.”

Once a CBD company claims their product delivers health benefits, it is classified as a drug and requires approval from the FDA. However, the FDA has not approved CBD as a drug, so any CBD company making health benefits is in violation.

Is the FDA Wasting Time Sending CBD Companies Warning Letters?

Many in the CBD community feel like this regulation is unnecessary and that CBD has clearly been linked and scientifically proven to bring an onslaught of health benefits so why is the FDA “wasting their time harassing” CBD manufacturers? For example, Natures Pure CBD COULD be a legitimate CBD manufacturer making quality products and only violating the way the products are being labeled and marketed, so what’s the problem, a CBD advocate may ask.

Avazo Healthcare Claims CBD Oil Could be Used to Treat COVID-19

When looking at another recent warning letter sent to Avazo Healthcare / CBDmarketweb.com by the FDA it helps to put the picture into perspective. Although Natures Pure CBD COULD be selling pure CBD products and violating how they are marketed, Avazo Healthcare is clearly and intentionally misguiding people into believing there is a link between their CBD oil and a COVID-19 treatment as well as selling kits they claim to be COVID-19 test kits despite not being an authorized laboratory. It’s much easier to see why the general public would need to be protected from a company under those situations.

CBD Consumers Beware

The truth of it is that the FDA states it perfectly when they say “Consumers should beware purchasing and using any such products.” At JPotter Health we do believe that CBD has amazing healing properties and we don’t really want the FDA to get involved added layers and layers of red tape and potentially making it near impossible to purchase CBD products that our clients have found effective without a doctor’s prescription and a robust health benefits plan. However, we also fear for the uneducated consumer falling prey to one of these bad actors in this open market on CBD products.

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