Edible Full Spectrum CBD and Delta 8 Gummies Derived from Hemp

Edible CBD and Delta 8 Gummies 

JPotter Health has been looking for gummies for clients requiring an edible to relieve anxiety, help with sleep and pain. It has been a long vetting process but we have finally arrived on products that we love; we think you will too.

Edibles are cannabis based food product. They come is many different forms, flavors and cannabinoids. JPotter Health has found great products and is thrilled to be able to carry this line for clients. You have questions JPotter Health has answers.

JPotter Health is now offering edibles and gummies  in a growing variety for various therapeutic benefits. The newest additions have been vetted to JPotter Health standards and we are please to be able to add full spectrum, delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, and  delta 10 THC products to our line up.  It has been a search to find products that will pass our standards, be effective therapeutically, and palatable to our clients. We are very excited to have landed on some great products to offer. Our new edibles can be purchased outright and in sampler packages, please call for pricing and purchasing details.


Vetting Process at JPotter Health

At JPotter Health we investigate and research all products containing CBD oil to assess the benefit for our clients. In order for us to include a CBD  product into our packages and recommendations we need to analyze third party lab reports. If a CBD manufacturer does not invest in 3rd-party (independent) lab results, we will not consider it. Read more about the importance of lab results.

Edible CBD and Delta 8 Gummies 

Content coming soon regarding existing package that JPotter Health offers to clients that prefer their CBD product in an edible gummy or want to try edibles of Delta 8 THC, a minor cannabinoid associated with a variety of therapeutic benefits.