Inhaled CBD Enters Bloodstream Faster

Bioavailability refers to how much, and how fast, a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. You may also hear it referred to as an absorption rate or pharmacokinetics(PK) - the branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body.  Inhaling CBD, as in using a vaporized oil (or vaping) or smoking the hemp flower (rolled in paper or from a pipe), are two methods we have experience with and can provide guidance through our CBD Complete package. Inhaling CBD has proven to have the best bioavailability rate which is why CBD vape products and pre-rolled hemp flower joints are gaining in popularity. They are preferred by many because of how rapidly they work. When CBD is inhaled, the lungs absorb the compound immediately.

Can I Try CBD Vape or Smoking Hemp with my CBD Coaching Package?

At JPotter Health we do not encourage smoking or vaping. There have not been conclusive studies to rule-out negative side-effects associated with smoking hemp flowers (CBD buds) or vaping CBD oil. However, some clients experience so much pain, anxiety or both that trying CBD oil in a vapor format, or smoking CBD flower, is a healthy alternative to medications. In these cases, included in a CBD Complete Package, JPotter Health does coach around the use of vetted CBD products for smoking or vaping.  All the CBD vape or CBD flower we use in our coaching packages have been professionally vetted by our credentialed CBD coach, Jackie Potter. To find out more about our CBD coaching packages or to set up a free consultation with Jackie, contact us.


CBD Vaping and Smoking Absorption Rate

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