CBD Complete Combines Topical and Mind Packages to Bring Relief

Are you having problems inside and out? Do you have chronic pain from head to toe? Does your pain bring with it secondary problems such as anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and/or neuropathy?

We designed our Topicals package for those with localized pain that responds well to oils, creams, salves and lotions. We designed our Mind package for those interested in exploring the benefits of CBD for anxiety, sleep and issues of the mind. When you are suffering from both physical pain and mental symptoms, when you are unhappy, likely already on medications, but still experiencing pain, anxiety and other symptoms, that's when the CBD Complete package is ideal.

CBD Coaching Determines CBD's Maximum Benefit For Each Specific Situation

If you answered yes to the three questions above, you fall into this category and you are aware how great the need is. At JPotter Health, our CBD Coach will work with you to explore how CBD can be used to help find some comfort. No one should be miserable in their own skin, this is true emotionally and physically.

We Help You Find CBD Products for Chronic Pain, Sleep & Anxiety

Chronic pain can be debilitating and at JPotter Health, we are devoted to exploring how CBD oil can help you. Our CBD Coach works with you to find the products and the dosages to bring you relief. We will look at each symptom as well as the whole - that is you.

Included in the CBD Complete package will be the needed tinctures, oils, lotions as well as any added terpenes, and extras to provide the most benefit possible.  Basically, this package combines the Topical package with the Mind package and fill in the holes with whatever you need - whether it's specialized cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils, bath bombs, or whatever it takes. We also provide any necessary documents to help you coordinate care with other health professionals. Contact JPotter Health to start a free consultation and work with CBD Coach, Jackie Potter to find the right CBD product for your needs.

Finding CBD oils and/or topicals for your pain, anxiety and all of the above!
two-month package

all samples of CBD products throughout session (oils, lotions, terpenes and bath)

Unlimited coaching calls with Jackie

Unlimited text and email support throughout 2 month coaching

Can split the payment

Jackie Potter: CBD Expert

Call: (440) 376-5284
Email: jpotterhealth@gmail.com