Selecting the Right CBD for Your Pets

It is no surprise that almost 1/3rd of the inquiries coming into JPotter Health are centered around pets. With its growing popularity and abundant availability many pet owners are turning to CBD as a solution for treating various ailments their pets have. CBD has a multitude of natural health and wellness properties that can help your pet find some relief.  However, it is equally important to properly vet-out the CBD product you choose for you pet as it is to choose for yourself.

CBD Shows Promise to Help Pets' Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Seizures, Nausea, Digestion and Appetite

There are many reasons why someone might choose to give CBD to their pets. A common reason is pain relief. CBD is also said to help animals with inflammation and decrease the prevalence of epileptic seizures. A big reason many humans use CBD is to alleviate anxiety. It gives you a relaxed feeling without giving the mental high of marijuana. The anxiety-reducing effects are the same for animals. For example, some dogs have anxiety from loud noises. When CBD is given to dogs, it can reduce their anxiety greatly. On top of all this, CBD is said to help with nausea, bowel disorders, and stimulate the appetite of animals who won’t eat.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

CBD is still a fairly new industry, making the veterinary community is very divided over this issue. Some vets will advocate for CBD as the new wave of natural wellness for pets while others feel that not enough testing has been done for there to truly be a verdict on how effective or safe CBD is for pets. One thing is known for sure, it is important to not give your pet CBD products that are meant for humans as some ingredients in those can be toxic for animals..

Know the Risks of Giving CBD to Your Pet

· Drug Interaction - It can increase the effectiveness of some medications, so it is important to find knowledgeable assistance or at the very least educate yourself.

· THC contamination - THC is not safe for pets to consume. It is important to be extremely picky in what CBD you are buying because, due to the CBD industry being unregulated, some companies may not be truthful in the THC content of their product.

· Side effects - Like with any medication, there is a small chance of side effects. It is important to monitor your pet when treating them with CBD to ensure they are getting positive effects and not negative ones.

How to Choose a Good CBD Product for Pets

It is important to be extremely thorough when researching and buying CBD for your pet. It is best to go with a product made from hemp grown in the United States, as the farming practices domestically are subject to better quality control. Products that have had third party testing done are also more trustworthy as this often eliminates bias.

CBD can provide a much better quality of life for animals dealing with certain ailments. It is important to do enough research that you fully understand the product that you are buying for your pet. While you can acquire and give your pet CBD on your own, it is often recommended that you speak with a knowledgeable professional. Contact JPotter Health to start a free consultation and work with CBD Coach, Jackie Potter to find the right CBD product for your pet.

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