Why Would You Need a CBD Coach?

What is CBD coaching and who needs it? We know athletes work with a variety of coaches, many business owners work with business coaches and several well-known figures (Oprah, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackman, etc.) swear by working extensively with a life coach. So what is CBD coaching? Simply put, at JPotter Health our CBD coaching packages include one-on-one analysis and conversations with our Certified CBD Coach designed to find the right CBD product for you, samples of carefully-vetted CBD products and education/support regarding how to navigate through the CBD products on the market without fear.

Have you been considering a CBD product to help you sleep, focus, alleviate anxiety or manage pain from muscle soreness, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. but you don't know how to choose a product and aren't sure how to vet out the good from the bad? Before you choose something off the shelf, work with a CBD coach to help you navigate through your options.  Throughout our CBD coaching engagement the goal is centered around your health - as you try different samples that have been carefully vetted and get one-on-one coaching to determine which product is most effective and at what dose.  Learn more in our post "The Importance of a Lab Report When Choosing a CBD Product."

Jackie Potter: CBD Expert

CBD Coaching Process

At JPotter Health we have designed an initial consultation and CBD Coaching intake process to find your best fit based on an in-depth analysis of your unique lifestyle, allergies, sensitivities, medications, diet and  needs. Once you contact us, and our CBD coach, Jackie Potter, determines CBD oil could help to alleviate symptoms you face, you will complete this unique intake process to gather relevant information about your current situation. Our  Certified CBD coach then dives-in to examines the potential issues causing the specific issues you've outlined.

For example, we frequently begin the process with a client wanting a CBD product to help with sleep, however, after completing a thorough analysis (basically a series of questions and conversation with Jackie) we may find that rather than taking CBD for sleep, the client's chronic pain (like fibromyalgia or arthritis) is the underlying cause of their sleeplessness, so CBD oil for the pain is the best fit. Unfortunately, when left to choose a CBD product on your own, or shopping with a CBD company, you would be sold a product for sleep, which won't help with pain and most likely will not remedy the problem sleeping. Part of our intake process is to look at the underlying causes of the insomnia as well as the type of insomnia you may be experiencing. In doing a more in depth look at your specific situation we'll find the actual cause of insomnia to be your chronic pain, and in treating the pain, the sleep will naturally fix itself.

What to Know About CBD


What's the difference between hemp and marijuana? Is there THC in my CBD? Does CBD make me "high?" Is there CBD in hemp oil? We answer all your CBD questions and help you select a safe and effective CBD.

Cannabis: Marijuana v. Hemp

Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Our endocannabinoid system is as unique to us as our DNA - which is why CBD oil, lotion or other products might work for someone else while you feel no benefit. Working with a CBD coach helps to find the right CBD product for your ECS.

Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Entourage Effect

Learn how the entourage effect works to amplify a full-spectrum CBD product with other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Your CBD coach can help you navigate through CBD products with stronger concentrations of other beneficial compounds based on your needs.

Entourage Effect

CBD Coaching to Choose an Effective CBD Product

CBD Oil - Tinctures

How should I take CBD? Will CBD lotion, topical, pill, gummy, tincture or inhaling the flower be best for my situation? Your CBD Coach answers these questions based on your unique situation.

CBD Oil Drops

Topical CBD Oil

Applying a topical CBD has proven effective for pain management, scar reduction and other skin conditions. CBD coaching will help you choose the most effective CBD oil, CBD lotion, CBD salve or CBD cream for your unique situation.

CBD-Infused Topicals

3 Forms of CBD

Which form of CBD will be right for you: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate?  The difference regards the contents of cannabinoids, including THC, in your product. Our CBD coach will navigate through your best options.

CBD: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate

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