Last week a study was released in the Journal of Natural Products titled Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV‑2 and the Emerging Variants, it created quite a buzz (I love a good pun). So, we decided at JPotter Health to dig into it this weekend. There is some concern people will start taking CBD products in the hope of combating Covid. That is not the correct way to interpret this paper.

When I saw the study in my email, I was highly skeptical and at first flew past it with the intention of looking it over in the next few weeks. The texts from friends and clients came later that morning, so weeks became days; addressing the study much sooner than originally planned.  I approached my reading with more than a healthy dose of skepticism.

I was pleasantly surprised by the time I finished the first read through, it was time for a coffee and a closer look into the study.  What they accomplished has some promise. A nod should go to the researchers before them, those who figured out how to combat HIV and hepatitis, as the idea is similar.

The study looked at how cannabinoids might be able to prevent or treat the respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and its variants of covid-19.  The finding of this study is very promising in the fight against Covid and all its variants.

The premise of the study was to find which ligands interact with the surface of the virus. It is encouraging that certain cannabinoids could interact with covid, through this interaction the virus becomes unable to influence the human host cell to cause infection. It also appears that it can reduce the time and severity of infection.

Some notes to consider, this study was completed in a lab-controlled environment. Also of note, at this time it seems to be effective on all known variants, that may change as new and different variations of the virus. What appears to have the most promise is the hemp cannabinoid’s ability to bind to the spike protein and prevent entrance to the host cell. The first part was to determine which natural ligands bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (S1 subunit) this subunit has selectivity for the human cell surface protein (ACE2). It was here that Hemp cannabinoids were tested for affinity to the S1 subunit on the virus. The order of affinity for cannabinoids that bind with the SARS virus are CBGA, THCA-A and CBDA. The cannabinoids Δ9 THC, Δ8 THC, CBC, CBG, CBN and CBD showed only weak or no binding ability.  

Please remember, in the current CBD arena there are no regulations, labeling requirements, or manufacturing safe practices. Some less reputable companies may simply relabel their products and start to market them as though they are containing the acid forms. These acid forms are unstable and easily convert into the more stable molecule rendering it useless against Covid. Most current products on the market do not contain CBDA and CBGA which is the acid form. We also don’t yet know how much of the cannabinoids are required to have a therapeutic effect.

Please be an informed shopper, there is no one doing the leg work for you. Read the lab reports, vet the product. Additionally, know where and how the hemp is grown, extracted and bottled. Another option, simply contact me as I will be thoroughly doing these things, just as I have been throughout the life of JPotter Health. I would be happy to discuss at length your questions about the study and offer any insight I may have.

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Cannabinoids (CBD – CBG) and their effect on SARS-CoV-2